Flood Take Declaration For South East 1 and 2 Irrigation Schemes

Friday 11th May 2018

A flood take has been declared today (11 May 2018)  at 09:30 effective immediately and ongoing until advised of finish.
To take non entitlement water in either SEIS1 or SEIS2 please contact Peter Rand (0459149851) or Jody Arnol (0407226952) to advise your water meter reading just prior to starting take. (Texting a photo of your water meter is the preferred method). As of 09:00hrs Craigbourne Dam was currently holding 7900ML and filling at a rate of around 50ML/day (and rising).  Please contact either of these two TI staff if you would like any further information.

For pricing of this water, please see the 2017-18 Pricing Announcement for the pricing of Surplus Water