Future Irrigation Project - Inter-connectivity, Enhancement and New Ideas

Future Irrigation Project - Inter-connectivity, Enhancement and New Ideas

Tasmanian Irrigation has conducted a study of existing scheme infrastructure across Tasmania to explore potential inter- connectivity, enhancement and modernisation of existing irrigation schemes. The project also explored development of potential new schemes that may enhance economic development by the movement of water to its highest economic use. 

The Tasmanian Future Irrigation Project - builds on Tasmanian Irrigation’s (TI) successful delivery of Tranche 1 (10 schemes 2010 – 2015) in its entirety and its ongoing commitment to deliver Tranche 2 (5 schemes 2016 – 2018). TI has now constructed two of the Tranche 2 schemes and the third under construction.

In May 2016 after extensive investigation and consultation TI identified 8 concepts which will enhance the productive capacity of Tasmania and which it believes warrant further investigation. TI has since added another 5 concepts to the project. After initial studies into land capability TI is now engaging with stakeholders to gauge interest in developing each of the concepts.

Future Irrigation Concepts:

• Macquarie Cressy
• Southern Midlands
• Sassafras Wesley Vale
• Detention
• Fingal
• Flowerdale
• Pipers
• Tamar
• Harcus
• Redpa
• St Pauls
• Cressy Longford
• SEIS Integration

Eight of the concepts are new schemes where provision of water would potentially change the land use and productive capacity of existing farming areas. Three are interconnecting existing schemes and two are enhancing existing schemes’ capacity.

TI encourages comment from the Community in regard to the Future Irrigation Project. Feedback can be provided by phoning 6398 8433, by email to futureirrigation@tasirrigation.com.au or by writing to Tasmanian Irrigation, PO Box 84, Evandale, Tasmania, 7212.

Tasmanian Future Irrigation Project