Lower South Esk Irrigation Scheme - Operational

The Lower South Esk Irrigation Scheme (LSIS) is located on the Milford property 7km east of Conara. The scheme is oeprational and was officially opened in October 2013. The scheme consists of a pump station located on the banks of the South Esk River, a 6,000 ML dam and a transfer pipeline. Winter flows from the river are extracted and pumped via the transfer pipeline and stored in the Milford Dam.
Releases from the dam are via the transfer pipeline back to the river during each irrigation season. The scheme’s Irrigators draw their water directly from the river further downstream.

Important Notice – No Public Access

There is no public access to the Milford Dam and other LSIS infrastructure. It is surrounded by private land and the public have no rights to entry or to travel on the private access roads.

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