Midlands Water Scheme - Operating

The Midlands Water Scheme (MWS) was commissioned in July 2014, with the capacity to supply 38,500ML of water over two delivery periods: 15,812ML during a 150-day summer delivery period (October – February) and 22,688ML during a 215-day winter delivery period (March – September).

The MWS sources water from Arthurs Lake – a water storage owned and operated by Hydro Tasmania. Water then flows under gravity into the supply line at the Arthurs Lake off-take, passing through a mini-hydro electric generator before being taken into storage at Floods Creek Dam.

Water is delivered throughout the district by distribution pipelines and a number of natural water-courses supplied by the pipelines.
Water in the distribution pipelines will be pressurised at three sites: the Floods Creek Pump Station, Midlands Highway Pump Station and Mt Seymour Pump Station.

The scheme services agricultural land around the townships of Campbell Town, Ross, Tunbridge, Woodbury, York Plains, Oatlands, Mt Seymour, Jericho and Kempton.

Current production in the area includes poppies, cereals, canola, pasture seeds, lucerne, potatoes, and pasture for livestock finishing with also now potential for dairy conversions and perennial horticulture, such as grapes on some sites, depending on the incidence of frost.

The climate in the district is comparatively dry, with an average rainfall of approximately 500mm spread relatively uniformly throughout the year.

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