Southern Highlands Irrigation Scheme - Operational

The Southern Highlands Irrigation Scheme (SHIS) is one of five schemes which comprises Tasmanian Irrigation’s (TI) second suite of schemes known as ‘Tranche Two’, which commenced its’ first season of water deliveries on the 1 November 2017.

The SHIS has a total entitlement volume of 7,215 ML of high reliability irrigation water, which is harvested into the Southernfield Dam (approximately 17km north-west of Bothwell) from the Shannon River, and then delivered via approximately 58 km of pipe running from Waddamana Road, south to Bothwell and on to Hollow Tree.

The SHIS is centered around the township of Bothwell in the State's southern highlands region, with a total irrigatable area of 8,000ha. The region is an important cropping and livestock finishing region and also one of the most drought prone areas of Tasmania. This historic lack of a reliable water supply has prevented the region from reaching its full potential with water for irrigation purposes being historically limited, impacting on growth in the region.


Southernfield Dam and Shannon River Pump Station

Winter flows from the Shannon River will be pumped up to the 7,600ML Southernfield Dam, which is a zoned earth fill embankment, with 500m long and 26m high wall.

The pump station is located south of Waddamana Road on the banks of the Shannon River, and is responsible for filling the dam and pumping water to the scheme. The 1MW pump station has been designed to maximise operational flexibility, with the ability to pump to the dam, the scheme or a combination of both at the same time.

In addition, the Shannon River Pump Station, the scheme also has two small booster pumps at Bothwell and Hollow Tree.

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