Swan Valley Irrigation Scheme - Under Development

Project Summary

Construction of the scheme was completed on 30 January 2018.

The Swan Valley Irrigation Scheme (SWAN) provides 2,000ML of high surety irrigation water to the greater Swansea region.

Water will be pumped at a rate of up to 180ML/day from the Swan River during winter and stored in the Melrose Dam. During the summer irrigation season water will be released from the Dam and distributed to irrigators in the Cranbrook, Coombend and Swansea districts.  The Swan River Pump Station will also boost water to the distribution pipeline during the irrigation season.  At full demand the scheme will provide water at a rate of 16.67ML/day to irrigators.

Major work elements of this irrigation infrastructure scheme included construction of:

      • 3,000ML Melrose Dam;
      • 1.4MW Swan River Pump Station and a 0.7km rising           main to the Dam; and
      • 37km of distribution pipeline.

First water deliveries are expected to commence at the start of the 2018/19 irrigation season.

For further information on the scheme please contact the Regional Manager (South) – Hugh Christie on 0408 304 349 or hugh.christie@tasirrigation.com.au.

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Contact Information

  • Andy Corbould (Swan Valley Project Manager) Phone 0417 341 141 Fax 6398 8441 andy.corbould@tasirrigation.com.au
  • Scott Williams (Scheme Operator) Phone 0447 803 692
  • Tim Lyne (Chair, Irrigator Committee) Phone 0401 214 834
  • Annie Browning (Deputy Chair, Irrigator Committee) Phone 0419 897 878
  • Nick Burbury (Irrigator Committee) Phone 0428 766 554
  • Jack Cotton (Irrigator Committee) Phone 6257 8283
  • Adam Greenhill (Irrigator Committee) Phone 0408 057 163
  • Paddy McShane (Irrigator Committee) Phone 0427 578 281