Whitemore Irrigation Scheme - Operational

The Whitemore Irrigation Scheme commenced operations during the 2011-12 irrigation season.
The district services pasture and cropping land around the townships of Whitemore, Oaks, Bracknell, Bishopsbourne and Glenore. Production in the area includes poppies, cereals, pasture seed, potatoes, vegetables (processed and fresh) and pasture for livestock finishing.
The scheme has the capacity to supply 5,500 ML of water over a 150-day delivery period on which the summer irrigation season is based. Additional water can be supplied by the scheme outside the irrigation season.
Water supplied in the district is sourced primarily from the tailrace of Poatina Power Station and transported to the district by the Cressy-Longford Main Channel. Water is pumped from the channel at Stoneycroft to a holding dam on the Liffey River and delivered throughout the district either under pressure by distribution pipelines or by releases into the Liffey River.
The scheme incorporates an extraction pump on the Liffey River that provides an opportunity to reduce operating costs by extracting water from the Liffey River during flood take periods.


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