Scheme Name:
Dial Blythe Irrigation Scheme - Under Construction
2,855 ML
Irrigable Area:
8,630 ha
Penguin, West Pine
  • Construction
  • Apr 2014
PH & EC:
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The Dial Blythe Irrigation Scheme commenced construction in March 2014 after securing $9.06m in Federal Government funding under the Tasmanian Jobs and Growth Plan and $1.96m in State Government funding from the Water Infrastructure Fund as well as $3.4m in private capital from farmers. 

Shaw Contracting Australia was awarded the two construction contracts for the scheme; the 4000ML South Riana Dam and the distribution network, which consists of two pump stations, 40 kilomteres of pipeline and over 40 outlets. Works have commenced on the South Riana Dam

Pipes for the scheme will be supplied by local Wynyard manufacturer Zezt Pty Ltd.

The project is scheduled to be completed by February 2015 to be able to deliver water in the latter part of the 2014/15 irrigation season.

Water for DBIS will be extracted from the Blythe River above the South Riana Road bridge during winter.  It will be stored in a storage dam at South Riana of up to 4,000ML.

Water will be distributed to the scheme over a 120-day summer irrigation period from December through March each year using 42km of pipelines and boost pumps. 

Two pump stations will be required, one at the dam site and one at the Blythe River.  The pipes will traverse 92 private properties and various crown land holdings. 

Currently 40 farmers have supported the scheme through the purchase of water rights.


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