Scheme Name:
Dial Blythe Irrigation Scheme
2,855 ML
Irrigable Area:
8,630 ha
Penguin, West Pine
  • Construction
  • Operational
  • Apr 2014
  • May 2015

The Dial Blythe Irrigation Scheme commenced operations during the 2015-16 irrigation s eason.  

The $14.4M Dial Blythe Irrigation Scheme was officially opened on 6 March 2015.Funding for the scheme was provided by the Federal Government ($9.06M) under the Tasmanian Jobs and Growth Plan, $1.96m in State Government funding from the Water Infrastructure Fund and $3.4m in private capital from farmers.

Water for the scheme is stored in the 4,000ML South Riana Dam which is filled both from the Blythe River and the un-named tributary upon which it is constructed. Water deliveries is via 43km of HDPE pipeline and will be made during the 120 day December through March irrigation season.

Water licences for the scheme enable the majority of water to be taken during the winter period and are governed by water licences from DPIPWE which provide for minimum flows to be maintained in the Blythe River and tributary.


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