Scheme Name:
Kindred North Motton Irrigation Scheme - Operational
2,500 ML
Irrigable Area:
8,483 ha
Forth, Kindred, Abbotsham, Clerkes Plains, Sprent, Gawler, North Motton
  • Operational
  • Feb 2014

The Kindred North Motton Irrigation Scheme was officially opened on 4 February 2014.

Water entitlements are currently available for purchase. To enquire about purchasing water entitlements please contact Tasmanian Irrigation on (03) 63 988 433.

This district services pasture and cropping land around the townships of Kindred, Sprent, Abbotsham, Forth, Gawler, Ulverstone and North Motton.

Production in the area includes potatoes, vegetables (processed and fresh), poppies, cereals, pyrethrum, berries and dairy.

The region’s chocolate soils, combined with 800mm to 1,000mm annual rainfall and relatively mild climate, support a diverse variety of high value cropping and some dairying enterprises. Intensive agriculture nearer the coast changes to grazing and dairying with increasing elevation and distance from the sea.

The scheme has the capacity to supply 2,500ML of water over a 120-day delivery period for which the summer irrigation season is based.

Water supplied in the district is sourced from the Forth River, with reliability under-pinned by releases from Lake Paloona – a water storage owned and operated by Hydro Tasmania.

From the Forth River, water is pumped to a holding dam located near Sprent and delivered throughout the district by distribution pipelines. Water in the distribution pipeline is pressurised at the Spent Dam Pump Station for supply into either the main line or Spent line.



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