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Greater Meander Irrigation Scheme - Operational

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Boat Ramp Gate    6am-9pm
BBQ Gate              8am - 9pm


The centre piece of the Meander Valley Irrigation Scheme is the Meander Dam. Completed in November 2007, the dam is 170m wide and 50m high and retains 43,000 ML. The amount of water available for irrigation is 36,000 ML. There are still opportunities to purchase water delivered in four pipeline irrigation schemes and one river-based scheme.

Since completing the construction of the Meander Dam a further four pump and pipeline schemes have been built to expand the reach of the water available from the dam and deliver irrigation water to the adjoining farming districts of Caveside-Dairy Plains, Rubicon River, Quamby Brook and Hagley.

In addition to securing a reliable irrigation water supply, a 1.9MW Francis Turbine mini-hydro power station is incorporated into the Meander Dam and operates from 21m to 42m head of water (i.e. using the ‘top half’ of Meander Dam) at flow rates from 190 to 475 ML/day.

The Irrigation Season commenced on 1 November 2011 for the Meander Valley Irrigation District, for the Caveside Dairy Plains Irrigation District, for the Rubicon Irrigation District, for the Quamby Osmaston Irrigation District and for the Hagley Irrigation District.

Your water order is not valid unless all information is provided and must be received by the Scheme Operator at least 48 hours prior to delivery. Orders for water delivery on Monday & Tuesday must be received by 5:00pm Friday before.

Water must not be taken until the order has been confirmed by the Scheme Operator. If you require a water order book please contact the Scheme Operator.

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  • Anglers Access Meander River This Anglers Access brochure shows how anglers are welcome along most stretches of Meander River. See separate brochure for Huntsman Lake. Download PDF (5 MB)
  • Anglers Access Huntsman Lake Huntsman Lake is maintained as a premium fishery by the IFS. This Anglers Access brochure shows how anglers are welcome at Huntsman Lake. Download PDF (2 MB)

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