Scheme Name:
South East Stage 2 Irrigation Scheme - Operational
1,981 ML
Irrigable Area:
2,950 ha
Dam Level:
  • 80%
  • 0% 100%
The South-East Irrigation Scheme Stage 2 commenced operation in May 1991.
The scheme supplies 1,981 ML of water under pressure through a network of buried pipelines to the South-East Water District which extends across the Richmond and Cambridge areas.

The scheme was initially supplied from Richmond Weir using water released from Craigbourne Dam. As a result of ongoing water quality issues, Daisy Banks Dam was constructed in 2000 and from the 2000-2001 irrigation season the scheme has been mainly supplied by the bulk water authority (now TasWater), with the Richmond Pump Station used opportunistically to top up Daisy Banks or to access water from the Coal River if TasWater is unable to meet demand.

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