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Listing Date Activity Type Volume (ML) Flow Rate (ML per day) Irrigation District Zone Description
22/02/2018 Buy Temporary / Permanent 150 N/A Greater Meander Rubicon Interested to buy (temporary or permanent) entitlements in the Rubicon scheme. See More
09/02/2018 Sell Permanent 167.50 N/A Greater Meander Meander River Total of 167.50 ML in Meander River available for permanent sale. Willing to sell in smaller lots. See More
06/02/2018 Sell Temporary / Permanent 100.00 N/A Lower South Esk SR 100.00 ML available for lease (2017/18 season) in Lower South Esk See More
29/01/2018 Sell Temporary 10 ML N/A South East Stage 1 NA if you are short of water give me a call See More
24/01/2018 Buy Temporary / Permanent 150 1 Midlands 3 - Macquarie River See More
24/01/2018 Sell Temporary 80 1.51% Lower South Esk SR water available for immediate long or short term lease See More
21/12/2017 Sell Permanent 50 N/A Greater Meander Hagley 50 ML available for permanent sale See More
01/12/2017 Buy Permanent 20 N/A North Esk North Esk Irrigation Scheme - Seeking to purchasing 20 ML or more entitlements in the North Esk… See More
10/10/2017 Sell Temporary 30 0.1668 South East Stage 3 (Sorell) T1 We have 30ML of water that we will not be using this irrigation season and most likely next season… See More
27/09/2017 Sell Temporary 10.00 0.0834 Dial Blythe SA 10 ML volume and 0.0834 ML/day flow rate available for lease for the 2017/2018 season See More

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