FLOOD TAKE DECLARATION 26 NOVEMBER 2018: Due to recent heavy rainfall in the Coal River Catchment Tasmanian Irrigation has declared that a Flood Take period is now open from 26 November 2018 in both SEIS1 (only below White Kangaroo Rivulet) and SEIS2. Irrigators that would like to take non-entitlement water under this declaration are required to contact Peter Rand on 0459149851 or Jody Arnol on 0407226952 to place an order and provide a meter start reading. Jody and/or Peter will advise you at a later date when the flood take period has finished.

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Sustainability underwrites social acceptance. Irrigation schemes developed by Tasmanian Irrigation are demonstrably sustainable in the hydrology of their water source, in construction and in operation.

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