Farm WAPs

Farm WAPs

A Farm Water Access Plan (Farm WAP) is a management tool demonstrating that the use of water is sustainable and complies with Australian and Tasmanian Government requirements. A Farm WAP must be in place for every property that receives water from the irrigation district.

The plans are completed in accordance with soil, water and biodiversity modules and specify management actions where environmental risks associated with irrigation are identified.

Each Farm WAP must cover the area of land directly affected by the use of scheme water and ensure that the land is managed in accordance with any recommendations or restrictions identified in the Farm WAP.

Farm WAPs are completed by pre-qualified consultants authorised by the Minister for Primary Industries and Water. To keep costs to a minimum, Tasmanian Irrigation is able to assist with the preparation of maps and baseline information required to complete Farm WAPs and can arrange for tendering work to the pre-qualified consultants.

The cost and time required to prepare a Farm WAP depend on:

  • The size of the area to be assessed;
  • Existing land capability data for the area to be assessed; and
  • The likelihood of threatened species, ecological communities or other matters of environmental significance occurring in or near the area to be assessed.

Tasmanian Irrigation is required to conduct random annual audits of Farm Water Access Plans each year to ensure compliance. For more information about Farm WAPs, please contact Tasmanian Irrigation on (03) 6398-8433.