Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access irrigation water from a scheme?

Supply from a scheme is accessed through water entitlements. If you do not hold water entitlements, you may obtain them through water trading or purchasing them from Tasmanian Irrigation.

Water entitlements are either irrigation rights or delivery rights. Irrigation rights confer entitlements to have an allocation of water made available for delivery during each irrigation season. Delivery rights confer entitlements to a share of the capacity of the scheme to deliver water within a zone during the summer and/or winter delivery period of each irrigation season.

Irrigation rights in the irrigation district have been assessed as having a reliability of at least 95 per cent based on the conditions applying at the time reliability was assessed and that the scheme continues to operate as it was originally designed. It should however be noted that the customer bears the risk of any reductions to reliability arising from climate changes or other natural causes.

Tasmanian Irrigation may refuse to issue water entitlements, or approve a transfer of water entitlements, on the basis of credit worthiness. Aside from this, there are no specific limitations on who may hold water entitlements. To purchase entitlements in a landowner water sale for a scheme yet to be built there is a requirement to own land within the Irrigation District.

The infrastructure of the irrigation district is owned by Tasmanian Irrigation on behalf of the Tasmanian Government. Water entitlements provide rights to a supply of water from the irrigation district.

Water entitlement holders are required to pay annual water charges made up of fixed charges levied on water entitlement holdings and variable charges levied on water supplied.

Fixed charges are payable on water entitlement holdings regardless of whether water is supplied. However, variable charges are only payable on water that is actually supplied.

The supply of water is not currently subject to GST. Should the GST treatment of water change, GST may be collected in the future.

Water entitlements can be held by anyone and are tradable within the irrigation district on a temporary or permanent basis. The extent of the tradability of water within the irrigation district is based on the zone nomination of delivery rights.

Zones arise because of variations in pipeline diameters and other factors that limit the capacity of the scheme to deliver water to different parts of the irrigation district.

In addition to holding water entitlements, to take water from the scheme you will require a property outlet or river off-take, a connection agreement and farm water access plan.

A connection agreement provides the link between water entitlements and land by specifying the location at and terms under which water can be taken from the scheme.

A Farm Water Access Plan is a management tool that identifies and manages environmental risks associated with the application of water. Its purpose is to demonstrate that the use of water is sustainable and complies with Australian and Tasmanian Government requirements.

Security interests may be registered against irrigation rights and delivery rights on the water entitlements register maintained by Tasmanian Irrigation for the irrigation district. If a security interest is recorded against an irrigation right and/or delivery right, a transfer exceeding 12 months will only be approved if consent to the transfer is given by the holder of the registered security interest. A security interest will be recorded by Tasmanian Irrigation against an irrigation right and/or delivery right if: an application is made on the prescribed form; the security interest registration fee is paid; and either the registration is consented to by the holder of the irrigation right and/or delivery right or the security interest is verified to Tasmanian Irrigation’s reasonable satisfaction.