Tas Irrigation confident Scottsdale scheme will proceed

With the close this week of the second round of water sales for its proposed Scottsdale Irrigation Scheme, the state-owned company Tasmanian Irrigation says it is confident the scheme can now go ahead, though it is still not quite across the line.

“We’ll be continuing talks with several more interested parties over the next few weeks,” Tasmanian Irrigation chief executive Chris Oldfield said today.

“Having revamped the original scheme to meet the less than expected demand from landowners, we are now within reach of the 75 per cent take-up that we set for the 8600 megalitre (ML) scheme.”

Tasmanian Irrigation set that 6450 ML threshold. The scheme was designed to cover an area of about 17,000 ha between Springfield and Waterhouse.

The second round of sales delivered tantalisingly close to the 75 per cent.
Mr Oldfield said that should see the Scottsdale Irrigation Scheme go ahead. It would probably require board approval of an amended business case, which would see water delivered to Waterhouse properties via pipeline instead of the original plan of pumping extra water into the Great Forester River. That method had inherent transmission and pressure losses.
“I am very confident we can do this,” Mr Oldfield said.

Chris Oldfield
0419 309 303

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