Project Manager- 3 Year Contract

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Position Description

Project Manager – 3 Year Contract

Tasmanian Irrigation Pty Ltd (TI) is the state-owned company responsible

for developing and operating Irrigation schemes funded through public/

private partnerships.

With 18 operational irrigation schemes, 3 mini hydro plants and $185M

of funding for the development of new schemes it is exciting times

ahead for TI and the Tasmanian Agribusiness sector.

TI is seeking an experienced Project Manager to deliver a successful

project on time and budget. The key areas of knowledge and

experience are:

• Lead the definition of project scope and objectives ensuring technical


• Develop and work to detailed project plans, budgets and resourcing

plans to monitor and track progress

• Coordination and management of internal resources and external

consultants and contractors

• Manage changes to the project scope, project schedule and project

costs using appropriate verification techniques

• Successfully manage the relationship with all stakeholders, internal

and external

• Report project performance using appropriate tools and techniques

and ensure that comprehensive project documentation is maintained.

• Be a safety and environment leader.

The successful candidate will understand and implement Workplace

Health and Safety responsibilities.

All applications must address the Key Roles and Responsibilities, and

the essential skills requirements including the Workplace Health and

Safety criteria, and outline the applicants knowledge and experience

of the same.

All applications are to be sent to: