Great Forester

The majority of historical flood plain habitat in the catchment in the North East of Tasmania has been converted to pasture or for intensive agriculture. Water is supplied to irrigators using the Great Forester River
Mar 2010
Jun 2011
Nov 2011

The Great Forester Irrigation Scheme commenced operations during the 2011-12 irrigation season.

The district services pasture and cropping land around the townships of South Springfield, Springfield, Scottsdale, North Scottsdale and Waterhouse. Production in the area includes dairy, potatoes, vegetables and livestock finishing.

The scheme has the capacity to supply 1,980ML of water each year during a summer irrigation season. Depending on rainfall, additional water may be able to be supplied by the scheme outside the irrigation season.

Water supplied in the district is taken into storage in the 2,330 ML Headquarters Road Dam located at Headquarters Road, South Springfield on an unnamed tributary of the Great Forester River.

Water orders must be placed with Tasmanian Irrigation in order to allow releases into the Great Forester River. Irrigation rights are based on irrigators having access to the Great Forester River.

In the Great Forester Irrigation Scheme, a Farm Water Access Plan is required to cover all land that Tasmanian Irrigation water is applied and to all dams that are used to store Tasmanian Irrigation water. Click here for information on Farm Water Access Plans