Greater Meander

Meander Dam is the largest dam to be used for irrigation in Tasmania. As well as delivering water from Lake Huntsman into the Meander River and 4 distribution pipelines it also has a significant socio-economic impact in the Meander Valley region
Sep 2003
Dec 2006
Feb 2008

Since completing the construction of the Meander Dam in November 2007 a further four pipelines have been built to expand the reach of the water available from the dam and deliver irrigation water to the adjoining farming districts of Caveside-Dairy Plains, Rubicon River, Quamby Brook and Hagley.

Production in the area includes dairy, poppies, cereals, pyrethrum, pasture seeds, potatoes, vegetables, berries, nuts and pasture for livestock finishing.

The amount of water available for irrigation is 28,800 ML over a 150-day delivery period for which the summer irrigation season is based. There are limited opportunities to purchase additional water outside the irrigation season.

Water is captured in the Meander Dam during the winter months and delivered throughout district during summer by releases into the Meander River and by pipelines originating along the river supplying water to Caveside, Rubicon, Quamby and Hagley.

In addition to securing a reliable irrigation water supply, a mini-hydro power station is incorporated into the Meander Dam.