North Esk

This region is a significant producer of quality horticultural products, in particular high quality grapes and is also one of the state's prime poppy growing regions. Increased production will also enhance the area’s existing tourism industry which is primarily based around the wine industry
Nov 2014
Nov 2017
Jan 2019

The 4,685ML North Esk Irrigation Scheme has now been completed with commenced delivery of water on 18 January 2019. The scheme delivers water to 54 landholders in White Hills, Evandale, Relbia and the Nile Road area.

Water is harvested from the North Esk River at Watery Plains and transferred via an 8km pipeline to the 5,580ML Rocklands Dam at White Hills.

The scheme’s 59km of delivery pipelines are predominantly gravity-fed and the scheme is fully subscribed, with no further water being available for sale from Tasmanian Irrigation. There are 65 connections scattered throughout the network.

The region produces some of the best poppy crops in the state as well as a multitude of fine wines. Small seed, cereal and fodder production is also popular in the region as well as traditional dryland livestock finishing.

The scheme has been designed to supply 4,685 ML of water over a 120-day delivery period on which the summer irrigation season is based.

In the North Esk Irrigation Scheme, a Farm Water Access Plan is required to cover all land that Tasmanian Irrigation water is applied and to all dams that are used to store Tasmanian Irrigation water. Click here for information on Farm Water Access Plans