Sassafras Wesley-Vale Augmentation

The Sassafras Wesley Vale Irrigation Scheme Augmentation could potentially deliver an additional 5,000ML pa of high reliability irrigation water into one of the most productive agricultural regions in Tasmania.
April 2015

The project was originally planned to augment the existing Sassafras Wesley Vale Irrigation Scheme and is intended to improve operations and water trading opportunities whilst providing an additional 1300ML pa of irrigation water into the district. Tasmanian Irrigation (TI) completed an Expression Of Interest process in September 2019 which generated interest in over 5,000ML of additional irrigation water from over 75 properties. This represent a significant increase in what was originally planned and demonstrates strong support for the augmentation. Interest comes from both the existing irrigator group and also potential new scheme irrigators.

Given the significant demand for additional water in the district TI will now reconsider the design and review water availability from the Mersey River. Once this is completed TI will progress with the Preferred Option which will be available to the community for comment. Water Sales should follow soon after.