South East Integration Project

The South East Integration Project is part of the Future Irrigation Project, which will be used to develop the Tranche Three suite of schemes proposed by Tasmanian Irrigation
May 2016

The region proposed for the SE Integration is currently serviced by three Tasmanian Irrigation (TI) schemes summarised below.

South East 1 (SE1) services irrigators by riparian delivery into the Coal River from Craigbourne Dam.

South East 2 (SE2) takes water from either a TasWater potable supply or through riparian release from Craigbourne Dam into the Coal River and pumping from Richmond into Daisy Banks Dam.

South East 3 (SE3) is supplied exclusively potable water from Taswater with an offtake located near Granton.

There is increasing demand within the region and the current schemes currently lack the capacity to cater for continued growth, there are ongoing concerns about the availability and cost of water from TasWater and there are some concerns around water quality for water sourced from the Coal River.

The Coal River Valley incorporates a large number of generally small land holdings that typically provide a range of high value agricultural products. Typical land use in the area is for viticulture, fresh fruit and vegetables and other high value crop types. The upgrade of the existing schemes will provide for improved reliability of supply, open additional land for irrigation activity, an increase in total irrigated area and will further improve the agricultural potential for the district. This would allow for possible changes in agricultural activity and an increase in the irrigated land within the district.

The South East Integration Project is investigating options for increasing irrigation water availability in the existing SEIS area include the investigation of new raw water supplies and the potential expansion of the existing irrigation districts into the Derwent and Jordan River Valleys.

The project also includes a 7.5 km pipeline from the Tea Tree Road Pump Station along Middle Tea Tree Road into Daisy Banks Dam this will allow for the interconnection of SE2 with SE3.

An expression of interest process for additional irrigation demand for the South East Integration Project concluded in March 2020. The expressions of interest received show strong demand for both new summer and winter water entitlements. Tasmanian Irrigation is currently assessing the expressions of interest received and is developing a concept design to service the additional irrigation demand.