Covid - 19

Covid-19 controls

To help alleviate any concerns about our service delivery TasIrrigation would like to confirm that measures are in place within our business to minimise any disruptions that may be caused by the current Covid-19 pandemic and to ensure our staff remain safe while delivering service to our irrigators and stakeholders.

Support and office-based TI staff – office and support staff are utilising home offices as much as possible and maintaining limited external physical contact with non-essential persons. To that effect, it is anticipated that tasks such as billing, attending to queries, reporting, and data management will continue as normal.

Scheme Operation and field-based tasks - we are fortunate that most Scheme operation tasks meet social distancing rules and are considered in low risk environments. We have internal policies in place to enable multi-person jobs to be undertaken while maintaining recommended levels of social distancing, such as placing limits on passenger loads in cars and accommodation. Unless it becomes a government mandate that our staff cannot travel to sites to execute field tasks, it is anticipated that we will be able to continue this aspect of our work as normal.

                                                                 We’re all in this together and TI is here as an essential service to help you!