The Tamar Irrigation Scheme is part of the Tranche 3 irrigation projects proposed by Tasmanian Irrigation. It is proposed to deliver water from Lake Trevallyn to Westwood, Beaconsfield, and east of the river to Hillwood, Lilydale, Pipers River and Pipers Brook.
April 2015

The proposed Tamar Irrigation Scheme covers a large area both east and west of the Tamar River. The region currently incorporates numerous agricultural land holdings varying from small properties to much larger enterprises all of which output a range of high quality products. The products include pasture and cereal crops for stock through to fruit and wine production from orchards and vineyards. There are also several boutique agricultural services provided in the area, including nurseries and flower farms. The construction of a dedicated irrigation and water trading scheme will increase the reliability of water available on existing enterprises and facilitate expansions in the area of land able to be irrigated, thereby ensuring security of existing outputs and enabling changes in agricultural activity to high value commodities.

The current preferred option is for a 12,000ML piped delivery that provides water to broad areas in the regions of West Tamar, East Tamar, Pipers River and Pipers Brook. Key aspects of the scheme currently include:

· Delivery to 11,175ML of entitlements, as per the expressions of interest, through approximately 240km of pipe;

· Crossing the Tamar River north of Legana; and

· A small storage dam in the Pipers Brook area to winter fill for the summer irrigation season.

The preferred option alignment has been identified and costed for construction. This was presented to the Irrigators Representatives Committee and Tasmanian Irrigation for review and feedback at the end of October.

Enquiries are always welcomed. For more information please refer to the Tamar Irrigation Scheme newsletters at the links provided on this page.