Community management of publicly owned irrigation schemes

The Tasmanian Government has a policy to facilitate community management of publicly owned irrigation schemes, where feasible and appropriate.

To enable this, legislative changes occurred in 2023 that amended existing legislation governing Tasmanian Irrigation’s operations, making it possible to delegate some powers and functions to irrigator groups. The Water Miscellaneous Amendments (Delegation and Industrial Water Supply) Act (the WMA Act) was passed by the Tasmanian Parliament in December 2023.

Tasmanian Irrigation supports community management of irrigation schemes where it makes sense. We are always looking for efficiencies in how we operate schemes, and if there’s a more efficient way for irrigators to access the schemes, we support that.

This fact sheet provides more detail of the legislative changes and what is permitted and not permitted under the changes.

Download Fact Sheet

Consulting with irrigators

Between May and September 2024, Tasmanian Irrigation is undertaking a two-stage consultation process with current Water Entitlement holders in publicly owned irrigation schemes.

During Stage 1, Tasmanian Irrigation will host a series of regional information sessions that will cover in detail:

  1. How Tasmanian Irrigation will work with irrigators to enable the intent of the legislative changes.

  2. The intent and effect of the legislative changes.

  3. The requirements of the legislative changes regarding what Tasmanian Irrigation can and cannot delegate; and what must be demonstrated by community groups to be eligible for delegation.

  4. How Tasmanian Irrigation anticipates the changes might be implemented in practice.

  5. How the consultation process will work, including feedback mechanisms.

  6. A set of draft documents that will support applications for self-management.

  7. The nature of feedback sought.

To aid the consultation process, and provide a basis for review and feedback, Tasmanian Irrigation has developed a series of draft documents which you can download here:

These documents will be provided to attendees at the information sessions. Feedback provided by irrigators and other key stakeholders will be used to finalise these documents. Comment will be sought on final drafts of these documents in Stage 2 of the consultation process.

This fact sheet provides more detail of the consultation process.

Download Fact Sheet

Information and consultation sessions will be held on the dates and at the locations below.

  • 13 May – Sorell Memorial Hall 10am

  • 16 May – Scottsdale Football Clubrooms 10.30am

  • 20 May – Paranaple Arts Centre, Devonport 10am

  • 22 May – The Grange Estate, Campbell Town 10am

  • 23 May – Door of Hope, South Launceston 10am

  • 27th May - Oatlands RSL 2pm

  • 31st May - online session. Contact for more detail

Light refreshments will be provided and we encourage you to RSVP for catering purposes to

You can provide feedback to Tasmanian Irrigation:

  1. In person during information and consultation sessions

  2. Using the form on this web page

  3. By email

  4. By post to PO Box 84, Evandale, TASMANIA, 7212

Feedback closes 21 June 2024.

How we will handle your feedback

All feedback will be collected in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and Tasmanian Irrigation will adhere to the relevant provisions with this Act to protect the privacy and security of the information gathered.

Confidential submissions

If you would like to make a confidential submission directly to Tasmanian Irrigation, please clearly indicate that your submission is confidential and we will ensure confidentiality is maintained throughout the process, safeguarding the content of your submission from publication or unauthorised disclosure.

Key dates (subject to change)

May Regional information and consultation sessions held.

June/July Feedback incorporated into the Guidelines and Application Form documents.

August Consultation on final draft documents; development of contractual documents.

September Final documents submitted to the Tasmanian Irrigation Board for approval.

October Launch of application process.

If you have questions about the intent of the WMA Act or the consultation process, email or contact Tasmanian Irrigation on (03) 6398-8433.

Feedback - Community Management Form