Sassafras Wesley Vale Augmentation
Tranche Three — Phase One

The Sassafras Wesley Vale Irrigation Scheme commenced operations in November 2012, delivering 5,460 ML to irrigators in the Sassafras, Harford, Thirlstane, Moriarty, Wesley Vale, Northdown, Pardoe and East Devonport areas in North West Tasmania.

In 2019, a survey was conducted in which 60 irrigators expressed interest for additional water. The proposed augmentation has the capacity to deliver an additional 9,200ML of high-surety irrigation water.

The Business Case has been approved by the State Government and Federal Government and the project is progressing with detailed design phase, it is expected that this process will continue to early 2024.


KMs of Pipeline




Pump Stations


Power Stations

Milestones / Forecasts
EOIs launched August 2019
EOIs concluded September 2019
Additional IRC appointed August 2019
Preferred Option Design launched November 2021
Water Sales launched May 2022
Business case submitted December 2022
Anticipated construction start date Mid 2024
Anticipated construction end date August 2026
Anticipated water delivery commencement September 2026
First full season November 20256
Fast Facts
Initial ML capacity 5,460 ML
Total EOIs received 5,745 ML
Expected final scheme capacity 14,660 ML
Total forecast cost $124.2 million
Estimated number of irrigators 135
Forecast season opening 1 November
Forecast season closing 31 March
Daily flow rate 99.1 ML /day
Water entitlement price $2,090 / ML
Detailed Design


Please contact our friendly team for more information about the Sassafras Wesley Vale Augmentation:

John Wright
Project Manager