Tamar Irrigation Scheme
Tranche Three — Phase One

The Tamar Irrigation Scheme is part of the Tranche Three irrigation projects under development by Tasmanian Irrigation.

The Tamar Irrigation Scheme has been re-designed to meet actual demand and will have the capacity to deliver 13,500 megalitres of high-reliability irrigation water to the Beaconsfield, Legana, Rowella, Hillwood, Pipers Brook and Pipers River areas.

The construction of a dedicated irrigation and water trading scheme will increase the reliability of water available on existing and new enterprises. This will facilitate expansion in the area capable of being irrigated, thereby ensuring security of existing outputs and enabling changes in agricultural activity to high value commodities.

Principal primary production focus is berries, vineyards, orchards, pasture, cereal crops, nurseries, flowers, vegetable crops and dairy.


KMs of Pipeline




Pump Stations


Power Stations

Milestones / Forecasts
Water sales launch Dec 2023-Feb 2024
Business case submission June 2024
Construction start date Mid 2025
Commissioning June 2028
Water delivery commencement August 2028
First full season 2028/2029
Fast Facts
Initial ML capacity 13,500ML
Total EOIs received 5900ML
Expected final scheme capacity 13,500ML
Total forecast cost $182 million
Estimated number of irrigators 120
Forecast season opening 1 October
Forecast season closing 31 March
Daily flow rate 90 ML / day
Summer water entitlement price $2,450 / ML
Winter water entitlement price $1,450 / ML