As part of its commitment to open and transparent communication with irrigators, key stakeholders and the wider Tasmanian community, Tasmanian Irrigation publishes a number of key reports:

Annual Reports

Tasmanian Irrigation publishes an Annual Report that is tabled by a Shareholder Minister in the Tasmanian Parliament each October:

Members' Statement of Expectations

The Tasmanian Irrigation Members’ Statement of Expectation is prepared by the Treasurer and the Minister for Primary Industries and Water following consultation with Tasmanian Irrigation in accordance with Section 24 of the Irrigation Company Act 2011, setting out the Tasmanian Government’s broad policy expectations and requirements for Tasmanian Irrigation.

Irrigator Service Charter

Tasmanian Irrigation has developed an Irrigator Service Charter to provide information and answers to irrigators and other stakeholders regarding the Company’s business practices, as well as to provide reasonable expectations regarding service, processes and responsibilities.


Tasmanian Irrigation publishes the Tasmanian Government Gazette’s Irrigation District Bylaws.