Greater South East Irrigation Scheme
Tranche Three

The Greater South East Irrigation Scheme, previously known as the South East Integration Project, is a very exciting Tranche Three project designed to improve reliability and provide additional high-surety irrigation water to both existing and new irrigators.

The Greater South East Irrigation Scheme is being designed to secure a reliable water source, integrate the existing South East Stages One, Two and Three schemes, and service existing and additional demand around Gretna, Jordan River Valley, Brighton, Richmond, Dulcot, Cambridge, Colebrook, Campania, Tea Tree, Orielton, Pawleena, Penna, Sorell, Forcett, Elderslie and Broadmarsh.

The existing schemes lack the capacity to cater for continued growth, and are further impacted by the ongoing availability issues and increased costs for current treated, non-potable water supply. The proposed scheme will increase reliability of supply and support significant growth to one of the driest areas in the State. Principal primary production focus is cherries, apples, salad vegetables, wine grapes, stone fruit, lucerne, walnuts and olives.


KMs of Pipeline




Pump Stations


Power Stations

Milestones / Forecasts Date
Funding confirmed For Business Case
Community meeting December 2019
EOIs launched February 2020
EOIs conclude March 2020
IRC appointed February 2020
Preferred option launch June 2022
Water sales target August 2022
Business case target November 2022
Construction start date Late 2023
Commissioning target 2025-26
Water delivery commencement target 2025-26
First full season target 2026
Initial scheme estimate 11,230 ML
EOI volume 27,000 ML
Expected final scheme capacity 41,000 ML
Total forecast cost $408 million
Estimated number of irrigators 412
Forecast season opening Summer and winter seasons
Forecast season closing Summer and winter seasons
SE summer water entitlement price $3,500 / ML
SE winter entitlement price $1,850 / ML
Gretna summer entitlement price $1,650 / ML
SEIS Stage One conversion entitlement price $1,950 / ML