Energy on Farms Solar Project

Energy on Farms Solar Project


The Tasmanian Government has committed $5.5 million to Tasmanian Irrigation to support three Energy on Farms policy initiatives to increase use of renewable and efficient energy technologies:

  • Meander Mini Hydro Power Station refurbishment;
  • Energy efficient pump installations; and
  • Solar array installations at pump stations.

$2.5 million has been allocated for the Energy on Farms Solar Project for the installation of solar arrays at up to 13 irrigation pump station sites around the State. The solar arrays will improve energy efficiency of these pump stations.


The investment in solar infrastructure at these sites will contribute to reducing annual on‐farm costs and offer more economical water for irrigators on schemes where solar arrays are installed.

The solar arrays will offset electricity usage and generate surplus power that will be fed back into the grid.

Each site will be individually monitored and the revenue generated from surplus power will be relayed on to irrigators by way of reduced water costs.

The cost benefit will vary annually given seasonal fluctuations and the differing size of the solar arrays (25kW – 100kW) across the sites.

The Energy on Farms Solar Project will strengthen the sustainability credentials of Tasmania’s farming sector.

Project timeline


The Energy on Farms Solar Project will generate sufficient energy to partially power the pumping stations over the heaviest demand period in summer. Each array will be connected into the existing TasNetworks electricity grid and will feed surplus energy back into the grid at other times of the year. A maximum footprint of approximately 50m x 30m will be required to install a solar array capable of producing up to 100kW of electricity.

Example of a ground mounted solar array

Project location

The Energy on Farms Solar Project will be spread across the State with installations proposed for up to 13 existing pumping station sites, including Smithton, South Riana, Shannon River, Bothwell, Hollow Tree, Stoneycroft, Liffey, Cottons Bridge, Milford and Sprent.


For further information please contact the project team on or (03) 6210-0662.