Detention irrigation Scheme

The Detention Irrigation Scheme (DEIS) is part of the Tranche Three program proposed by Tasmanian Irrigation (TI). It is situated in the Circular Head Local Government Area.

The region proposed for the Detention scheme currently incorporates a small number of land holdings providing a range of agricultural products that support dairying. This varies from dairying to pasture and cereal crops for stock. The construction of a dedicated irrigation scheme will increase the area of land able to be irrigated- thereby allowing changes in agricultural activity to high value commodities, and trading and movements of water between properties.

Preliminary work was initially undertaken of the scheme but has not been progressed further while other schemes in Tranche Three are advanced. Tasmanian Irrigation will engage with the community in the future to determine the level of demand, investigate the existence of suitable water options and consider water delivery options.



Scheme Fact Sheet


Please contact our friendly team for more information about the Detention:

Please contact our friendly team for more information