Dial Blythe Irrigation Scheme
Tranche One

Close to processing facilities and mainland marketing opportunities, the climate, high quality soils and reliable irrigation of the Dial Blythe area make it one of the most productive regions in the state

The Dial Blythe Irrigation Scheme commenced operations in May 2015 and services the Penguin, West Pine, South Riana, Cuprona and Howth areas in North West Tasmania. Irrigation water is sourced from inflows into the 4,000 ML South Riana Dam and supplemented by water pumped from the Blythe River. The dam is located on an unnamed tributary of the Blythe River near South Riana.

The dam is filled during winter months and can be topped up during summer. Delivery throughout the district is via 43.6 kms of pipeline, with water being pressurised at the South Riana Dam Pump Station.

Towns / area serviced

Penguin, West Pine, South Riana, Cuprona, Howth

Principal primary production focus of scheme

Potatoes, vegetables, poppies, pyrethrum, berries and pasture for livestock finishing and dairy production

Length of irrigation season

120-day summer delivery (depending on rainfall, additional water may be able to be supplied by the scheme outside the irrigation season)


KMs of pipeline




Pump Stations


Power Stations

Approval February 2011
Construction started April 2014
Operations commenced May 2015
Capacity 2,855 ML
Cost $14.4 million
Number of irrigators 44
Forecast opening Early October
Forecast closing Late April
Daily flow rate 23.79 ML / day
Initial water sales cost $1,200 / ML
Percentage of entitlements sold 100%
ML available to buy 0
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Please contact our friendly team for more information about the Dial Blythe Irrigation Scheme:

Peter Clarke
TI Scheme Operator
Derek Gee
Irrigator Committee Chairperson