The rich volcanic soils and open coastal plains characteristic of the north-west coastal areas are ideal for agricultural activities such as dairying and vegetable growing. This district also has some of the cleanest air in the world
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Nov 2018

The Duck Irrigation Scheme is currently under construction and is due to open shortly after October 2018.

The scheme services pastures and cropping land around the townships of Montagu, Stanley, Forest, Edith Creek and Irishtown with direct benefits flowing to the larger community of Smithton.

Production in the area centres mainly around pasture-based enterprises but poppies, potatoes and other fresh vegetables are also produced.

The scheme has the capacity to supply 5,200 ML of water over a 120-day delivery period on which the summer irrigation season is based.

The scheme will extract water from the Duck River and Mill Creek during the winter period and store it in the new Mill Creek Dam near Edith Creek. This water will be distributed to participants utilising a section of the Duck River and 61-kilometres of pipeline. Two pump stations are incorporated into this scheme at Edith Creek and Smithton.

In the Duck Irrigation Scheme, a Farm Water Access Plan is required to cover all land that Tasmanian Irrigation water is applied and to all dams that are used to store Tasmanian Irrigation water. Click here for information on Farm Water Access Plans

General Availability Delivery Period Opening On
1st Dec 2018
General Availability Delivery Period Closing On
15th Apr 2019
5,200 ML
Montagu, Stanley, Forest, Edith Creek, Irishtown