September 2019

The Fingal region is one of the drier areas of the state with irrigated agricultural enterprises focusing on largely on fodder crops, fennel, potatoes, seed and poppy production. The main impediment to expansion of irrigation in the region is the limited availability of water and lack of security associated with supply during the drier summer months.

Support for the proposed Fingal Irrigation Scheme is strong with expressions of interest swelling to 10,525ML from an initial interest of ~4,800ML in early 2018. Much of this new interest has been received from the St. Marys Valley and east coast.

Work is currently underway to understand the most feasible and effective way to service the region and establish a concept design to present for community comment ahead of water sales in 2020. It is expected that delivery of water will be over a 150-day summer irrigation season via a combination of riparian and pumped pipeline delivery.