The Flowerdale Irrigation Scheme is part of the Future Irrigation Project which will inform the development of the Tranche Three suite of schemes proposed by Tasmanian Irrigation. It is situated in the Waratah-Wynyard Council region.

The region proposed for the Flowerdale currently incorporates a moderate number of land holdings that provide a range of agricultural products that support dairying. This varies from dairying to pasture and cereal crops for stock. There are also a number of boutique agricultural services provided in the area including nurseries and flower farms. The construction of a dedicated irrigation scheme will improve the agricultural potential for the district. This would allow for possible changes in agricultural activity resulting from an increase in the irrigated land within the district.

Demand for 1,865 ML/season was indicated from initial Expressions of Interest (EOI) sought in March 2018.

The proposed scheme incorporates a pump station with a 0.3 kilometre rising main from the Flowerdale River pumping winter flows to a 4,000 ML dam to be constructed on an unnamed tributary of the Flowerdale River. The scheme will result in the construction of approximately 25 kilometres of distribution pipelines to service properties from Moorleah through to Boat Harbour and Table Cape. The proposed scheme will enable TI to service most properties that submitted an EOI.

The concept design has been developed to allow for further development in the region and is sized at 3,000 ML/season. The current scheme design indicates an upfront irrigator capital contribution in excess of $2,200/ML and operational charges varying from $195-$295/ML. There is a concern that the scheme costs may impact the viability of the scheme however given the extent of uncertainty about the project in its current formative stage it is considered that additional investigation and design still be pursued. The relative priority of completing these additional investigatory works will be lower than some of the other projects identified in the Pipeline to Prosperity program.



Scheme Fact Sheet


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