Midlands Irrigation Scheme
Tranche One

Transforming the face of Tasmania, TI’s Midlands scheme takes water from Tasmania’s central highlands and distributes it over the great Midlands plain in addition to generating electricity from the energy created as the water falls from over 600 meters

The Midlands Irrigation Scheme commenced operations in September 2014 and services the Campbell Town, Ross, Tunbridge, Woodbury, York Plains, Oatlands, Mt Seymour, Jericho and Kempton areas in central Tasmania. Irrigation water is sourced from Arthurs Lake – a water storage owned and operated by Hydro Tasmania. Water flows under gravity into storage at Floods Creek Dam.

Water is delivered throughout the district via pipelines and a number of natural watercourses. A mini-hydro electric generator is situated at Floods Creek, and there are two other pump stations at Tunbridge and Mt Seymour.

Towns / area serviced

Campbell Town, Ross, Tunbridge, Woodbury, York Plains, Oatlands, Mt Seymour, Jericho and Kempton

Principal primary production focus of scheme

Poppies, cereals, canola, pasture seeds, lucerne, potatoes, and pasture for livestock finishing with potential dairy conversions and perennial horticulture

Length of irrigation season

15,812 ML capacity over a 150-day summer period and 22,688 ML during the winter delivery period of 215 days


KMs of pipeline




Pump Stations


Power Stations

Approval April 2012
Construction started September 2012
Operations commenced September 2014
Capacity 38,500 ML
Cost $110.8 million
Number of irrigators 105
Forecast opening Early October
Forecast closing Late September
Daily flow rate 105.41 ML / day (summer) 105.53 ML / day (winter)
Initial water sales cost $1,150 / ML
Percentage of entitlements sold 89%
ML available to buy 4,345 ML
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Please contact our friendly team for more information about the Midlands Irrigation Scheme:

Ryan Thomas
Scheme Operator
Andrew McShane
Irrigator Representative Committee, Chairperson