Northern Midlands

Enhancing irrigation opportunity in the lower Isis Valley and Macquarie River region enhancing further growth opportunity and interconnectivity with existing irrigation schemes.
April 2015
March 2019

The Northern Midlands is one of the key cropping regions of the State and the proposed Northern Midlands Irrigation Scheme will provide additional high reliability water that is underpinned by large Hydro Tasmania storages in the central highlands of Tasmania.

Planning is underway to develop a concept for presentation to the community in early 2020 ahead of water sales. Tasmanian Irrigation is investigating options to be able to supply water to landholders from Poatina to Ross and the Isis River Valley.

The current concept is to provide interconnection with the Midlands Water Scheme via a network of 87km of pipework and pump stations which connect the Poatina Power Station tail race with the Midlands Water Scheme providing additional water through the summer period.

Supplementing water from Poatina will be the construction of a new holding dam at Tunbridge which will have the dual purpose of holding winter water transferred from Arthurs Lake and improving the operational efficiency of the Midlands Mini Hydro. The connection with the Midlands Water Scheme additionally provides access to trading opportunities for winter water and water during outages of the Poatina Power Station.