Enhancing the reliability of TI’s existing Great Forester irrigation scheme and bringing irrigation to an even greater area of North East Tasmania
Mar 2013
May 2018

The first deliveries of water from the Scottsdale Irrigation Scheme are expected to flow in December 2020.

The scheme will serve Scottsdale, Bridport and the communities in Springfield, Nabowla and Waterhouse. Water from the scheme will be applied to pasture-based enterprises (dairying, livestock finishing) and will also be used for poppies, potatoes and fresh vegetable production.

The scheme will have the capacity to supply 8,600 ML of water, delivered at a 120-day flow-rate over a 150-day delivery period on which the summer irrigation season will be based.

The new 9,300 ML Camden dam will be filled from winter flows from the Camden Rivulet. A pipeline from the St Patricks River will enable supplementary filling of the dam. Water will then be piped via a mini-hydro station to the Headquarters Road Dam.

Water will flow through an 84km pipeline around Scottsdale and the Waterhouse area. There will also be direct releases to boost flows in the Great Forester River, Hurst Creek and Brid River for direct take.