South East Stage One Irrigation Scheme

Based on the Craigbourne Dam, this irrigation scheme brings controlled water to the Coal River in one of the driest areas of Tasmania

The South East Stage One Irrigation Scheme supplies water to horticultural, viticultural, orchard and other high-value uses in the Coal River District, which extends along the Coal River Valley to Richmond. The scheme has been the catalyst for the development of a range of agricultural enterprises in the region, which have brought significant employment and economic benefits to an area considered one of the driest in the State.

The 12,500 ML Craigbourne Dam is the focus for this stage of the South East Scheme. It is also used to mitigate floods in the valley. The dam collects water from the Coal River and Craigbourne Creek. The water is released into the lower reaches of the Coal River. Water in the river is also picked further downstream up to supply Stage Two of the scheme.

Towns / area serviced

Colebrook, Campania and Richmond

Principal primary production focus of scheme

Horticulture, viticulture, orchard and other high-value uses

Length of irrigation season

365 days a year


KMs of Pipeline




Pump Stations


Power Stations

Approval 1984
Construction started May 1985
Operations commenced November 1986
Capacity 2,650 ML
Cost Unknown
Number of irrigators 79
Forecast opening 365-days-a-year scheme
Forecast closing 365-days-a-year scheme
Percentage of entitlements sold 100%
ML available to buy 0
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