South East Stage Two Irrigation Scheme

Stage 2 of the South East Irrigation Scheme uses water from a number of sources to bring reliable irrigation to the South East

The second stage of the South East Irrigation Scheme commenced operations in May 1991, supplying 1,980 megalitres of irrigation water to the Richmond, Dulcot and Cambridge areas.

Water is sourced from TasWater and pumped into the Daisy Banks Dam near Richmond. Water for the dam is also pumped from the Coal River at the Richmond weir and delivered throughout the district by approximately 30 km of pipelines.

Improving the security and volume of water supplies for the South East region has enabled landowners to invest with confidence into wine grapes, fresh vegetables, stone fruit and lucerne for the regional equine market.

Towns / area serviced

Richmond, Dulcot and Cambridge

Principal primary production focus of scheme

Fresh market vegetables, stone fruit, wine grapes, poppies, lucerne, cereals

Length of irrigation season

365 days


KMs of Pipeline




Pump Station


Power Stations

Construction started 1991
Operations commenced May 1992
Capacity 1,980 ML
Cost Unknown
Number of irrigators 96
Forecast opening Early August
Forecast closing Late July
Initial water sales cost $2700 / ML
Percentage of entitlements sold 100%
ML available to buy 0 ML
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Please contact our friendly team for more information about the South East Stage 2 Irrigation Scheme:

Geoff Young
Scheme Operator
Anthony Monk
Scheme Operator