Swan Valley

One of the driest areas in Tasmania, the sunny climate on the East Coast has until now lacked one vital ingredient to unleash its productive potential – water
Aug 2014
Apr 2017
Jan 2018

The Swan Valley Irrigation Scheme was constructed during 2017.

The scheme services pastures and land in the Swan River valley from Cranbrook in the north and branches to Swansea in the south.

The scheme will provide irrigation for vineyards, orchards, pasture and cropping land. Production in the area includes wine grapes, nuts, pasture for livestock finishing and cropping.

The scheme has the capacity to supply 2,000 ML of water over a 120-day delivery period on which the summer irrigation season is based.

Water is pumped from the Swan River during winter and stored in the new Melrose Dam. When appropriate there will be some summer flood pumping to underpin reliability. During the summer irrigation season water will be released from the Dam and distributed to irrigators via 37km of pipelines. The Swan River Pump Station will also boost water to the distribution pipeline during the irrigation season.

In the Swan Valley Irrigation Scheme, a Farm Water Access Plan is required to cover all land that Tasmanian Irrigation water is applied and to all dams that are used to store Tasmanian Irrigation water. Click here for information on Farm Water Access Plans’