Whitemore Irrigation Scheme
Tranche One

Harnessing the water used to create power from the Poatina power station, the Whitemore scheme supplies irrigators and also redirects water to the Liffey River during dry summer periods

The Whitemore Irrigation Scheme commenced operations in November 2012 and services the Whitemore, Oaks, Bracknell, Liffey and Glenore areas in Northern Tasmania. Water is sourced primarily from the tailrace of the Poatina Power Station and transported to the district by the Cressy-Longford Main Channel. Water is pumped from the channel at Stoneycroft to a holding dam on the Liffey River and delivered throughout the district either under pressure by distribution pipelines or by releases into the Liffey River.

The scheme incorporates an extraction pump on the Liffey River that provides an opportunity to reduce operating costs by extracting water from the river during flood take periods.

Towns / area serviced

Whitemore, Oaks, Bracknell, Liffey and Glenore

Principal primary production focus of scheme

Poppies, cereals, pasture seed, potatoes, vegetables and pasture for livestock finishing

Length of irrigation season

150-day summer delivery (depending on rainfall, additional water may be able to be supplied by the scheme outside the irrigation season)


KMs of pipeline




Pump Stations


Power Stations

Approval July 2009
Construction started October 2010
Operations commenced November 2012
Capacity 5,500 ML
Cost $11.3 million
Number of irrigators 49
Forecast opening November
Forecast closing March
Daily flow rate 36.67 ML / day
Initial water sales cost $1,200 / ML
Percentage of entitlements sold 100%
ML available to buy 0
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Please contact our friendly team for more information about the Whitemore Irrigation Scheme:

Dean Anyon
Scheme Operator
Rob Dent
Irrigator Representative Committee, Chairperson