South East Stage Three Irrigation Scheme
Tranche One

After many years, reliable water supply is available to the communities on the Northern shores of the River Derwent. Water is provided by Tas Water, piped under the river near Granton

The South East Stage Three Irrigation Scheme commenced operations in September 2015 and services the Tea Tree, Campania, Orielton, Pawleena, Penna, Sorell and Forcett areas in South East Tasmania. Irrigation water is sourced from the River Derwent by TasWater and piped after treatment to an off-take on the western side of the river near Granton. Water is transported by Tasmanian Irrigation to the eastern side of the River Derwent via an underwater crossing and on to the irrigation district via 85km of pipeline.

There is a major pump station at Tea Tree Road and boost pumps at Shrub End Road and Table Hill. A 200 ML holding dam near Rekuna supports the reliability of supply when TasWater’s ability to supply the district is restricted. The Tranche Three South East Integration Project is focused on an alternate, reliable and cost-effective water source and the integration of South East Irrigation Schemes Stages One, Two and Three.

Towns / area serviced:

Tea Tree, Campania, Orielton, Pawleena, Penna, Sorell and Forcett

Principal primary production focus of scheme:

Cherries, apples, salad vegetables, wine grapes, apricots, walnuts and olives

Length of irrigation season

Summer and winter delivery periods.


KMs of pipeline




Pump Stations


Power Stations

Approval May 2013
Construction started October 2013
Operations commenced September 2015
Capacity 3,000 ML
Cost $33 million
Number of irrigators 77
Forecast opening October
Forecast closing September
Daily flow rate 8.22 ML / day
Initial water sales cost $2,700 / ML
Percentage of entitlements sold 100%
ML available to buy 0
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Please contact our friendly team for more information about the South East Stage 3 (Sorell) Irrigation Scheme:

Geoff Young
Scheme Operator
Anthony Monk
Scheme Operator
Anthony Bayley
Irrigator Representative Committee, Chairperson