South East Stage 3 (Sorell)

After many years, reliable water supply is available to the communities on the Northern shores of the River Derwent. Water is provided by Tas Water, piped under the river near Granton
May 2013
Oct 2013
Sep 2015

The third stage of the South-East Irrigation Scheme (Sorell) commenced operations in October 2015.

The district services agricultural, horticultural and viticulture enterprises around the townships of Tea Tree, Campania, Orielton, Pawleena, Penna, Sorell and Forcett. Current production in the area includes cherries, apples, salad vegetables, wine grapes, apricots, olives and walnuts.

The scheme has the capacity to supply 3,000 ML of water over each summer and winter delivery periods.

Water supplied in the district is sourced from the River Derwent by TasWater and piped after treatment to an off-take on the western side of the river near Granton. Water is transported by Tasmanian Irrigation to the eastern side of the River Derwent via an underwater crossing and on to the irrigation district via 85km of pipelines. There is a major pump station at Tea Tree Road and boost pumps at Shrub End Road and Table Hill. A 200 ML holding dam near Rekuna supports the reliability of supply when TasWater’s ability to supply the district is restricted.

‘In the South-East Irrigation Scheme (Sorell), a Farm Water Access Plan is required to cover all land that Tasmanian Irrigation water is applied and to all dams that are used to store Tasmanian Irrigation water. Click here for information on Farm Water Access Plans