European plaudit for Tasmanian wine

One of Europe’s most respected wine trade authorities, the drinks business, has applauded the quality of Tasmanian vineyards, describing the state as one of the most fashionable sources of grapes.

The drinks business daily newsletter has more than 10,000 subscribers throughout the world, a readership that Tasmanian Irrigation Pty Ltd chief executive Chris Oldfield says can only spark fresh interest in irrigated vineyard investment here. In its latest assessment of Australian wines, it examines what it terms “the fast-growing interest and investment in Tasmania”.

“In keeping with Australia’s continued search for yet cooler regions and leaner wine styles, its southernmost state, Tasmania, is becoming one of the most fashionable sources for grapes,” it says.

It said its similar climate to New Zealand’s meant that pinot noir was a particular attraction to growers, but it also noted that the Penfold’s Yattarna 2008 that was crowned best chardonnay in the inaugural James Halliday Chardonnay Challenge in September was 89 per cent Tasmanian grapes. Its 2010 vintage was 96 per cent Tasmanian.

“The newsletter goes on to examine the burgeoning interest in acquiring Tasmanian vineyards,” Mr Oldfield said.

“It is further testimony to the economic wisdom of Tasmania continuing to expand its irrigation network in areas of potential high cropping. Experience in the Coal River Valley shows what a difference irrigation can make to low margin, dryland farming areas.

“Our reputation as a wine producer can only get better and better,” Mr Oldfield said.


Chris Oldfield
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