REMINDER: Check Your Aurora Irrigation Tariff Before Watering on Weekends

Some confusion has occurred around the irrigation tariffs; the old tariff 73/74 and the new tariff 75, which has lead to some farmers making the costly mistake of irrigating during the day on weekends at the top day rate.

The distinction is very important as the difference between the two rates is approximately 16¢ per kilowatt hour.

Tariff 75 (from October through March) allocates the whole weekend at the off-peak rate of 15.812¢kwh where as under the old tariff the day rate of 31.958¢kwh applies from 7am to 8pm on weekends all year round.

The tariff 75 off-peak rate is only available to irrigators who have either had a new meter installed in the past couple of years or had their existing meter re-programmed.

if your meter has been replaced or reprogrammed Aurora will have had workers visit your property to undertake the work and will have informed you that the work was done.It is easy to verify what rate you are on by checking on your Aurora account. If you are still unsure, or cannot locate an account, please phone Aurora and enquire as to what tariff applies to your meters.

Remember that the same tariff may not apply to all of your irrigation meters.

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